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It was a transformative moment when two young brothers discovered their grandfather Malpass’ LPs collection. Drawn like a moth to a flame, the classic-filled treasure trove from the golden era of traditional country music gathered little dust in the Malpass household. Chris and Taylor studied the brother-harmony bluegrass duos of Jim & Jesse, the Louvin and Wilburn Brothers and bathed in the sounds of Hank Williams, Lefty Frizzell, Charlie Pride, Merle Haggard. It was musical Manna to the boys—there was nothing in the marketplace that fed The Malpass Brothers’ soul more than the music of this bygone era--and they would stay true to it. 


Best known as modern-day troubadours who carry the torch for traditional country music, The Malpass Brothers began singing and playing together professionally at a very young age. Alongside their dad, Chris Malpass Sr., the siblings performed at churches all over the southeast, but they continued to hone their traditional sound by working alongside and amongst the legends. 


While Taylor finished high school, Chris began honing his songwriting skills, and working with steel guitar legend, Don Helms—an original member of the Drifting Cowboys. A few years later, he found himself on Merle Haggard’s bus, singing and performing for Merle on his 000 Martin guitar. Taylor, in the meantime, played lead guitar in a local band, and upon graduation, flew out to Redding, CA to join his brother as the opening act for Merle Haggard for the next seven years. 

In 2011, Haggard produced The Malpass Brothers’ debut album, Memory That Bad on Hag Records. The title track hit number 6 on the CMT Pure Country 12-Pack Countdown and remained in the charts for several weeks. In 2015, Bluegrass Hall of Fame inductee, Doyle Lawson picked up the gauntlet and produced their sophomore, self-titled album on Organic Records, and in 2017, The Malpass Brothers released a live album, Live at the Paramount, which captures the energy and excitement of their highly polished, traditional country music show.  


However, their latest album, Lonely Street (released May 12, 2023), also produced by Lawson alongside Ben Isaacs (of the multi-Dove Award-winning/Grammy nominated group The Isaacs), may be their strongest project to date. Notably engineered by the late Grammy Award-winning Mark Capps under the oversight of Executive Producer and longstanding Malpass manager, Dan Mann, this 12-song album teems with brand new, traditional country music that sounds as if it were curated from a 50s/60s/70s smoke-filled, classic country jukebox. Chris Malpass wrote the majority of the songs, including co-writes by Dickey Lee, Shawn Camp, Conrad Fisher and Taylor Dunn. The album also includes cover nods like “Love Slips Away” by Merle Haggard and Jeannie Seely’s “We Don’t.” 


“As if a rip in the space/time continuum appeared…and Chris and Taylor Malpass stumbled straight out of 1968, they actualize the most unvarnished version of country music one can consume from anyone under the age of 40.” 

—Trigger Coroneos, Saving Country Music


“May be just the kind of effort that saves country music from complete pop oblivion.” 



“These guys don’t just sound retro. They are retro!” 

– Dan MacIntosh, Roothog Radio


Every once in a while, a work of heart, in album form, finds you and reminds you of why you dedicated your career to that calling—this one did it for me.
The Malpass Brothers offer no apologies for their traditional roots as they blend lovelorn heartbreak, clever humor, and untarnished romance into the original songs on their latest album. I’m so proud of these Carolina boys who know how to tell the story, while giving life to lyric with perfect pitch and collaborated harmony--always fascinated, as a listener, with their endless talent.

Chris and Taylor have returned to us the music we all love and have yearned to hear again—with the warmth of yesteryear!
-Randy Travis

Chris and Taylor, The Malpass Brothers, are as good as it gets. They’re genuine. They eat, sleep and breathe real country music. They are incredible singers, songwriters and as entertainers, they can mesmerize an audience. Just when I thought real country music might be lost, I heard The Malpass Brothers, and they renewed my faith that the music will survive.

-Gene Watson

The Malpass Brothers are without a doubt the most refreshing act on the music scene today. While their traditional roots are definitely obvious, they are making music that resonates with young fans today as well. This album showcases their wide appeal. What’s not to like here?!
-Jeannie Seely

I get asked all the time about the Malpass Brothers, and I must say, I’m so proud to call them my friends. They’re two wonderful young men who are very talented: vocally, musically, and as far as the entertainment business goes you will not find a more complete show. So if you get the chance to check out the Malpass Brothers, you need to check them out. If they’re coming to a city near you, you make sure you got tickets to go see them. Cause I’ve never seen a more complete show since the Statler Brothers, and I ought to know because I was with them for 21 years. I think these guys have it all. So, if you get a chance, please check them out.

-Jimmy Fortune

My first time to hear this band and certainly won’t be my last!!
These guys not only fly that old school country flag through their music but reach the pinnacle in cool in their Dress also!!! If you like old school country, you’re gonna Love the Malpass Brothers!!!
-Neal McCoy

They’re as REAL as grits and gravy: I identify with what they’re about: Makes me want to listen in my pickup and FLOORBOARD it!
-Randy Owen – Alabama

If I could purchase only one more recording in life, I’d lay down my money for the next Malpass Brothers recording. (...because I already have all their others!) If I could attend only one more concert before graduating to Glory, I’d be sitting in an audience waiting excitedly for the Malpass Brothers to appear on stage. If asked of all the entertainers I’ve met in my life, who was the friendliest, the humblest, the most caring and generous, the funniest, the most talented, versatile, and anointed...again I’d have to say the Malpass Brothers!! I believe our world today is in desperate need of good news and uplifting things, and it’s my opinion that God sent Chris and Taylor Malpass to shed His light into darkness and to change the world around them for the song at a time!!!

-Jeannie C. Riley

If you have ever wondered if true Country Music could be found, here it is. These Bros, are the real deal. Their vernacular and their music is as slick as the hair they comb. If you’ve got a case of blue nostalgia for Country Music here’s the fix.
-Marty Raybon

The Malpass Brothers are a force of nature. That can be a good thing or a bad thing all according to how you look at it. I know this much; you will enjoy every second you see and hear these “GOOD OLD BOYS” on a stage.
-Larry Gatlin

Country Music runs “pure country” in the veins of Chris and Taylor Malpass and if there’s any doubt, just listen to any one or all of the 12 songs on this recording and I guarantee that you’ll agree!

-Doyle Lawson

The Malpass Brothers are a modern-day glimpse into the past. Great music, great songs, and great harmonies. Everything I love about music.
-Ben Isaacs

These guys are for real. It’s so refreshing to hear our young singers singing traditional country music. Also great entertainer’s whose careers will only shoot up
-Moe Bandy

Well, they remind me a lot of myself and people that I knew when I was young.

-Merle Haggard

The Malpass brothers are one of the few bands that can carry on the history of country music with their music. they play it from the heart and respect the many artists that they sing their songs, not only that they are both great young men that love their families and love this country. They played at Childress Vineyards. we had a huge crowd. They have a great fan following. Also played with Gene Watson at the vineyards. The fans love them not only can they sing great country music. They can keep the fans laughing also engaged.

-Richard Childress – Childress Racing A huge fan. and friend.

When I listen to the album, I’m reminded of what the wife said to her husband when he took her to the Malpass Brother’s concert, after the show, they got in the car and she said, “Ok, I get it. I understand why you’re so excited about them.” When you listen to this album you will say, “oh, ok, I get it.” What a great album guys!

-Larry Black – Larry’s Country Diner, RFD TV

They’re no museum piece or revival act designed to show how music was performed long ago. They are a working band that uses its talent to entertain and nourish souls.
-Jack Bernhardt – Raleigh News and Observer

George Jones once recorded a song called ‘Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes’ which wondered if great country singers would come along in the future to take the place of the great old ones from the past... Well, George, maybe your prayer’s been answered. These guys don’t just sound retro. They are retro.

-Dan MacIntosh, Roothog Radio

The Malpass Brothers are anything but a “throwback” cover group. Instead, they are the “real deal.” Mentored and credentialed by the biggest legends of bluegrass and country music, the brother duo continues to deliver new, yet traditional music in modern times (complete with pearl-snap shirts, Manuel/Nudie suits, over-shaped cowboy hats, and pompadour coiffure, just to drive home the point). Their firm “traditionalism” has captured the attention of the industry and traditional country fans, leading to their worldwide notoriety. 


The Malpass Brothers made their Grand Ole Opry debut in December of 2018 and have been asked to return to the hallowed circle well over a dozen times since. The brother duo has headlined international tours and festivals in Ireland, Switzerland, and in Scotland, and been featured on multiple national television shows including TBN’s “The Huckabee Show” and RFD’s “Country’s Family Reunion” and “Larry’s Country Diner”—and compilation of performances from the later was released earlier this year. 


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